In Gnosticism it is believed humans originate from a world of light: the world of Ideas. Earth was created after a rip in the Pleroma (world of light) and after which humans did aswell. Story goes that within us there is a long lost memory of this godly world. A memory only to be remembered by achieving Gnosism; for which one must learn about oneself, one another, it's surroundings, man's history and man's destiny. 

A true Gnostic lives by the saying "Unwillingness to know is the original sin" on which I can quite agree, so I've created a concept around the way the Gnosticism views the immaterial layers of lightness (knowing, salvation) and darkness (ignorance, to be asleep).

Achieving Gnosism is described as 'ascending' through the many layers of thought, with planets and stars obstructing your way and asking the difficult questions of life. It was this concept of ascension I've made physical in the VR.

-- more to be added  --

Unfinished first draft of human-cosmic relation
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