1-minute self portrait shortfilm based on found photos

Within three quarantine days I had to create a 1-minute film that "describes me best" however possible during the Coronavirus lockdown. For this I used old photo albums to create a small portrait of myself and my surroundings over the years. 

The opening sentence "Let's meet each other again every day" is what I plead for in the film. Despite the fact that my facial features are each day the same I sometimes can't help waking up like someone different. 

Hence the title 'Theseus', referring to the dilemma "Ship of Theseus" in which it is questioned wether a boat (who is named and therefore has identity) is really still its original self after each and every piece has been replaced at least once. Is the boat still true to its original self? can it still be called by its original name?
Where do we draw the line in change?

We grow and we change, so when to conclude we are someone else going forward?
Can I be the original and also in constant flux?
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