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I am...  Puck, 24 and by first diploma a Motion Designer but in modern day working more with moving visuals, installation and projection. Madly enthusiastic about all art that transmits information or feelings and represents and/or challenges the mind and our views on something; art that can be felt and experienced in an audiovisual form that is meaningful and fun, even. 

At the moment I'm found traveling between Utrecht and Germany, finishing up an internship, doing projects and enjoying weird art, having the strangest experiences, reading books and meeting new people. "Never done learning" because I don't want to be, for which I've co-created a little creative laboratory in Utrecht called LAB222.

After finishing a first education in Animation I had too many ideas and enthusiasm to go work fulltime just yet and found a place for them in my last studies: Image and Media Technology at the HKU in Utrecht, (🇳🇱) combined with an exchange at the HfG Media Art department In Karlsruhe, (🇩🇪). Where I experimented with a newfound passion for the connection between motion design, experimental film, photography, new technologies, spacial interactivity and the perception of it all. 

Other than that I do an ongoing study into 3D scanning, poetry and language, am a film fanatic, love tech and testing it to its limits (sorry tech) and can't get enough of my camera and traveling so I'm either penniless or off to somewhere; getting to know myself in different ways. And most importantly, having fun doing so.

⮟ and some articles about things I did ⮟
work experience

Freelance & Project Based Artist
2020 - current
with o.a. Shosho, Setup Utrecht, Creative Coding, MrBeam, HKU, Tivoli Vredenburg, City of Karlsruhe

2018 - current
intern > project based motion designer

Pathé Theatres NL
2020 - 2021
Motion Designer 

HKU Media
2019 - 2021
Teacher Assistant to Milo van der Maaden
at the Digital Media course


2021 - 2022 (1y)
Media Art
International Exchange & Bachelor (BA)
Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung, DE
final project: 'Neulinge' (film projection / installation)

2018 - 2023 (5y)
Image and Media Technology
Bachelor (BA with Honours)

HKU / Academy of the Arts, Utrecht, NL
final project: 'ZeitGeist' (film installation)

2015 - 2018 (3y)
Animation & Audiovisual Media
MBO-4 (pre-bachelor)
Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, NL
final project: Internship studio Shosho & portfolio exhibition

I like
motion graphics
projection mapping
experimental film
traditional film
Interactive installations
3D scanning
AE VFX / post production
(moving) title design
book design & poetry

and on occasion ____
3D animation & modelling
frame by frame animation

but not logo's

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