During the intensive 7-week Research and Information Design module at the academy I've researched the evolution of the written word. This manifest is the result of it.

From this research resulted three documents and one interactive informative visual:

1.   A research outline.
2.  A realistic and grounded perspective on the future of written culture.
3.  An interactive on the development of writing throughout the ages.
4.  A visual manifest on the art that is (written) language and how it is to be treated from here on.

Written language is the keeper of past, present and future and so otherwise known as “written culture”. 

Reading and being able to read (Literacy) is a key skill of modern society and one of the ways of measuring a population’s education. But when and how did these developments occur? In 2020 more than 86% of the world population older than 15 years are literate, but the rise of technological text is a key factor in its rapid decrease.

The manifest is a combination of shared statements from influential manifests (such as DADAISM), modern taboos on the issue and my own thoughts on- and wishes for the topic. It also functions as a challenge to myself to treat text in a different way from now on.

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