Escher In Het Paleis The Hague Highlights

te zien Woensdag 24 januari - zaterdag 10 februari 2024
17:00 - 22:00 elke woensdag t/m zaterdag
For the annual light show, organised by The Hague Highlights in collaboration with Mr.Beam, 15 artists were selected via Open Call to create work for the Escher Palace façade. I was one of the lucky few, opening the show with a 1 minute visual homage to Escher's surrealist thinking. 

In the work ‘Seeing is believing’ we explore Escher's experience, where we observe the world through his eyes. His reality was not decided by the physical aspects of the world but by the emotional perception of it. Shapes transform into figures and tesselate into one another, like memories astray. | by Puck de Haan
About The Hague Highlights

The Hague Highlights is an annual light event in January/February in The Hague. In various ways, The Hague Highlights puts special places in the spotlight to let residents and visitors discover The Hague in a different way. In this way, The Hague Highlights brings a little extra light into the dark days of January and February. The Hague Highlights is organised by Spinner & Langkous, Mr.Beam and Museum Quarter The Hague.
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