The European Circuit Course

These visuals were created during my time as Intern at the Shosho studio's, multimedia companies located in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. 

After the success of the Dare to Discover VR experience, created for the Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam, the Shosho team started working on creating a concept VR Experience for the National Military Museum, Which once started as a commercial air base hosting flight shows for the public. In honor to that history, in this VR environment visitors would experience aviation in its earliest days.

We were recreating a specific flight event that happened at the Soesterberg airbase in 1911, The European Circuit Course. A course around Europe was set out using white arrows of 21 meters long. 42 Aviators would fly from city to city, racing against one another in order to win the prize money and to test which plane was the best. 

In the creation process it was my task to do the necessary research, in order to recreate the event as accurately as possible. To achieve this historical accuracy I have been in contact with curators of museums for blueprints of the planes and facilities, technical documents, photographs, old newspapers, documents about the flight rules, papers documenting the order of which the aviators arrived at Soesterberg, terrain maps and much more. 

After providing a colleague with the necessary information and recieving a finished 3D model back it was my task to check the model for inaccuracies and provide the models with the right textures and substances. 

Fokker Spin (ca 1910)
Unknown, De Brik (ca 1913) and hot air balloon used at the occasion.
The facilities 
Hangars, Restaurant and hospital
Placeholder buildings
Rough blocking of accessories models
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