made possible by TivoliVredenburg & Mr.Beam
During the digital pitch I've focused on my in- and aspirations for this work specifically; Textures and the combination of color over time forming a patterned dance. 

Flux was for me to let go of linear storytelling and the Hero's Journey. A work that is to be repeated as many times as this needs a more abstract approach. A good story needs only to be told once. Repeating it in this tempo would only de-importize it in my opinion. Therefore I took inspiration from my final HKU project last year on the change of perspective by time deformation and drug abuse such as ayahuasca.

Another dare to myself was to differ from my usual color palette: Red, Yellow and Blue and find new ways to connect these.

My goal was not to create a work that can both be glanced at aswell as being able to give it a good look. Wherever you watch, you're always missing something. To be able to re-watch it and see something new every time was an essential challenge.

I've wanted to experiment with a certain overlap of pixels that worked during studio testing but due to not being able to test it on the actual canvas the details became invisible. I should have reviewed some scenes more and how they connect to others to increase the dynamics of the flow and show more in less time.

It was a first step toward the big canvasses and the professionallity that is needed to complete a project this scale and also the technical challenges that come with. I'll be more conscious of these next time. 

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