​​​​​​​Forming Reality (2019) is about the various perceptions of reality. How there is a difference in individual and shared experiences and how our mind plays tricks on us when we are secluded too long. 

Imagery of local places is shown within the dome to give a perspective on daily life but when viewed solitary the visuals become increasingly distorted over time. 

The installation consists of a 10 x 10 metre dome and a 240° projection surface filled with (manipulated) imagery. The concept is based on various research on the alteration of reality (drugs, technology, religion, perception, culture, nurture, art and architecture, seclusion etc.)

From this research came the sentence "Alone we interpret reality, together you form it" which, in turn, resulted in the following installation concept.

Flowchart / coding concept
Working visual code 
Program: Touch Designer

The code transforms the visual based on how many people are in the room and increases the deformation based on the length spent in the room "alone".

The 240° dome blueprint (inaccurate)

Blueprint of dome

In order to have a fully immersive experience ideally the whole canvas should be covered. But considering this is quite difficult with modern technology and I did not want people interfering with the projectors the dome resulted in being split in three.  120° is dedicated to a walking area for visitors. The other 240°  is the projection canvas.
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