For my studies at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht I did my first "schouw" (midterm project).
Whereas my project started from Territory I quickly shifted my subject to physical Identity & individuality and the issues concerning it.

We live in a society where the social pressure is an overwhelming constant and we are subjected to commercial views of ideals every day. It is well know that the struggle to keep up with this rushed world is one of the main causes of the increasing amount of burn-outs and depressions among teenagers and young adults. Finding yourself and staying true to ones sense of self is a challenge.

As final work, concluding my research, I've created a set of illustrations. All focussing on another aspect of my research, but not all of it.  There is no universal visual concept of identity. Therefore I've used other well-known signs and symbols to communicate the message.

The struggle of finding yourself or staying true to who you are.

Nobody should be a target. Both physically as mentally. Not of hate and not of judgement of any form or for any reason.

Identities are not an absolute, they can shift, change or exist simultaneously.

People tend to invent ways to categorize and order people. Stereotypes are a form of classification, sometimes accurate and sometimes not. Some labels are made to identify things that can sometimes be left unexplained. 

Be your own person. Don't repeat others, speak up and speak your own truths.

Let the "being liked" culture go up in flames.

The world is a place that is rough around the edges. Parental guidance is advised.

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