IMT is the abbreviation for the Image and Media Technology study. One of the pressure cooker assignments was to create a full moving-media based identity package within a week, with as subject the diversity of the study itself.

For this I created a colourful theme, limiting the style to three colours, and using objects and scenarios that represent the variety of mediums that are used throughout the study.
Creation time
20 hours, individually

For styling I wanted to represent the enthusiasm that is shared and experienced throughout the study. A fast montage tempo. The information in-your-face: What you see is what you get. A fast paced diverse course. 

As of color palette a contrast-rich red-yellow-blue was most impactful and resembling to the basis of something, the core of IMT in this case.

The leader came last. At first the bumpers; The four study years were my initial start where I wanted to specify four crafts that are taught. The leader itself is an abstracted 3D remix/spin-off of these bumper assets with as climax the transition into the tv / world of media.

Having interned in a studio that specialises in motion branding my challenges were mostly technical. Structuring the entire production flow on my own. 

During the creation I had to work and render at the same time to create a flow of constantly being able to improve or extend shots and scenes without doing irrelevant work. For this I created a render farm of 15 computers real-time rendering assets for me over the course of 2 days. Therefore I was free and flexible during post production.


Because of my former experience I had a blast taking on the challenge and making the most out of an extremely short timed project. I experimented with the connection between audio, image and their sequencing and climaxes but also practise organisation and pipeline flows.


Photography and film

Projection and mapping

Coding and digital techniques

Analog arts

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