​​​​​​​The first assignment was to create a connection between an object and a poem/title/anecdote. I've chosen my camera as it is my most emotionally valuable object. As poem I've chosen 'Twijfellied' (the song of doubt) by Joke van Leeuwen, a dutch poet. In the poem each line is a question which has a follow up question, for an instance 'do you know what you are or are you what you know?'

As a designer it's important to draw a line between being what you can do or being a creator, especially with personal projects. When you're a creator it's important not to lose yourself in technique.

In the artwork I've linked these questions to my camera functions.

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The second assignment was to create an reference to the object using a picture of your face. This artwork is based on the question 'do you know what you are or are you what you know?' from the poem.

My camera is always with me and could be seen as a part of me. I use it to show my vision and sometimes as something to hide behind. The question originating from the poem would be wether or not that makes me the camera and where to draw the line between myself and my camera/photographs.

And as final assignment I had to create a 'response' . This artwork responds to the question mentioned earlier in the poem 'do you know what you are or are you what you know?'.

I am not what I know, I am a lot of things, not just one, and all these things that are part of me make me who I am.

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