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Bring Your Own Beamer is an one-evening lightshow consisting projections by artists from all over The Netherlands and is held in the Nicolai church in Utrecht. The event is part of NFF Interative  hosted by the Nederlands Film Festival. For more information check: http://byob.nl/ .

Projection mapped tunnel animation in church chapel
duration 04:47

Tunnels, 2019
Derk Roelofsen
Jade Hermans
Puck de Haan

3D modelling, scenery and audio creation
3D modelling, art direction, concept
3D modelling, scenery, compositing, sequencing

In Tunnels (2019) a short sequence takes the viewer through artistic periods and directions, presented as lifelike tunnel matching the architecture in the church chapel. With the chapel only having one entrance the public is unconciously directed to perceive the workr from a specific vantage point (sweet spot) increasing realism.

A big take-away from this project was to be able to sucessfully establish a content creation pipeline with room for reviewing and collaboratively improve the sequence. By following a successful planning on which days we were able to measure, map and teston the canvas, alternating with studio days were a challenge but a great experience. All, over a period of 2 weeks.

NFF as employer and our vision for it
The guidelines were flexible: anyone is welcome with a projector but the public varies from public to professionals, everyone a critic. We were invited via the organisation of BYOB as students of HKU. To stand out was important and to show our ability to connect to a canvas was essential for us as a group. The canvas, a strange chapel wall, became the key element forming the installation. 

Choosing the chapel was a conscious choice. We wanted a reserved spot for the experience as well as being able to hide the technique behind the visual illusion. The real-like perspective only works from a certain angle, therefore almost limiting the visitors to the doorway was a success in the persuasiveness of the images. 

In the live event, the crowd was so big the entire chapel space had to be used for the public, distorting the perspective a bit, but enjoyable all the same.


preview from the event night

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